Frequently asked questions

Does a long nozzle require extra time to heat up?

Yes it does. We suggest you had a small delay after heating before you start printing to make sure the entire nozzle as a constant temperature.

Should I slow down the printing speed when I use a nozzle with a bigger diameter?

Absolutely. The bigger the diameter, the less energy is transfered to the filament when it passes through the nozzle. Slowing down the printing allows for the energy to be transferred properly. A slower, good print is better than a fast, failed print!

Do I need to use fan cooling all the time?

Fan cooling is mostly useful when you print at a high speed. We suggest to use a minimal amount of cooling and carefully watch the flow of the material. In case you see signs of clogging, further reduce the amount of cooling. That way the tip of the nozzle will stay at its expected temperature. It might even be possible to turn off the fan completely and still get a good result.

Do I need to reposition my z-axis limit switch?

Absolutely! The limit switch determines the home position. Not repositioning it will result in damaging your printer.

Do I need to level my bed each time I switch between nozzles?

Although all nozzles have the exact same length, we strongly recommend leveling your bed each time you switch between different nozzles. Depending on the amount of force you use to screw each nozzle into place, there will be a slight height variation and therefore a risk of scratching your bed and clogging the nozzle.