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Package Contents:


  • Three hardened steel nozzles 1.2mm

  • Two insulation sleeves


Thread lenght : M6 X 15mm long

It's crucial to verify that this thread type and length align with the threading of your original hot end nozzle before installation.



Introducing our high-precision 3D printing nozzles, specially designed for non-planar printing, now available in a new version made from high-quality hardened steel. This pack of three volcano 1.2mm nozzles is the perfect upgrade for anyone who needs to print with exceptional accuracy and detail for small and intricate designs, and the hardened steel offers a host of new benefits.


The hardened steel provides improved durability and longevity, making it ideal for printing with abrasive materials such as carbon fiber, nylon, and other composites. The hardened surface is also more resistant to wear and tear, reducing the risk of damage or deformations over time.


Using a longer and thinner nozzle, like our non-planar nozzle, allows for faster and more efficient printing with less material waste. The non-planar printing technique uses less material to create the same object, and it produces smoother, more accurate, and stronger prints compared to traditional printing methods.


For those who want to further improve their printing results, we offer an optional sleeve that helps stabilize the heat and reduce the risk of clogging. The sleeve is designed to fit snugly over the nozzle and maintain a consistent temperature during printing. This helps improve the overall print quality, especially when printing with challenging materials.


The nozzles feature M6 or MK8 thread and are compatible with a wide range of 3D printers. Their easy-to-install design makes them a great addition to your 3D printing setup. For more information on installation and other tips on non-planar printing, please visit our FAQ section. Order now and take your 3D printing game to the next level with our high-precision non-planar 3D printing nozzles, now available in hardened steel in three different sizes.


***All prices are in USD


3 Volcano hardened steel nozzles kit - 1.2mm

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